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Course structures

The three years of the degree courses comprise the qualifying year, part one, and part two. Only marks for part one and part two contribute to the degree and are weighted in the ratio 33:67.

All degree courses have a compulsory core/skills component which is taken over the three years of study. However, the hallmarks of the geography degree structures at Nottingham are their breadth and flexibility.

Module choices

In parts one and two, depending on the particular degree, you will be able to choose to specialise in particular fields or maintain a balance of interests. This flexibility is achieved via a number of optional modules including modules on subjects such as:

  • economic geography
  • cultural and historical geography
  • medical geography
  • river processes and dynamics
  • patterns of life
  • geographies of fashion and food
  • geographies of money and finance
  • global climate change
  • urban geography

The BSc Environmental Geoscience and BA Geography with Business degrees are more prescribed with regard to optional pathways than the single honours degrees, to allow for learning in the associated disciplines.

Since the courses are modular, there is some freedom to select from a wide range of modules both from within geography and more broadly across the entire University.

Taking a single honours BA degree, for example, does not preclude you from specialising in the more environmental side of the discipline, nor from opting for some physical geography modules throughout your three years.

Typical timetable

Your typical week's work may feel strange at first after school or college since there are fewer timetabled teaching hours. You can expect to attend about 10-15 hours of lectures, practical work and tutorials per week in the first year.

For the rest of the time you will be working independently, doing the necessary reading in preparation for tutorials, writing essays or working on seminar presentations.

Teaching and Learning

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