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Information for Midwifery Applicants

We receive over 900 applications per year for our midwifery courses, so it is vital your application is completed accurately in order for you to be considered. We are a popular university and the competition for places is very strong. 

1. Your application will not be processed if... 

  • Your form has any mistakes/errors or gross inaccuracies 
  • There is little or no supportive information 
  • There is an unsatisfactory/unsupportive reference 
  • You are not studying for, or likely to achieve, the minimum entry requirements 
  • You have been withdrawn/discontinued from a nursing/midwifery course due to academic failure or terminated due to fitness to practice issues
  • Your application is plagiarised/or the exact same as another applicant

2. Qualifications 

Record all of the details of your qualifications as listed on the certificates including grades and level studied. This also includes any fail grades. Any particular element/component of a qualification may also be mentioned in your personal statement if it is of particular relevance to the course. 

Make sure you give the full address of any school, college, university, employer and referee so we can easily trace these. Remember that references cannot be supplied from family and friends. Make sure you discuss your application with your referees so they really understand why you want to be a midwife and your commitment to this career. 

3. Personal statement 

Your personal statement is the main opportunity for you to tell us about yourself, as everything else on the form is factual. Do try to sell yourself, but do not make things up or exaggerate.

Make sure you have a good understanding of the role of the midwife and what being a professional midwife entails. If you know anyone who is a midwife, then ask them about their role and what parts of their job bring particular challenges and rewards. 

Explain why you have chosen the course and how your qualities and skills make you suitable for it. Tell us what you do that shows how good you are at something and how this will help you during your studies and practice placements. Make sure all statements are backed up with evidence. 

Tell us what it is that makes you stand out from others and why your personality is suited to midwifery. We need more information than 'I like caring for babies'. Think about what transferable skills you have that would apply to midwifery situations. Have you ever been a team member and developed certain skills? What opportunities have you had to develop your communication skills? You need to link all these in to what you know about midwifery and identify how they will assist you both as a student and as a midwife. 

If you are unsuccessful at the shortlisting stage because you do not meet our entry criteria or your personal statement does not meet the required standard, you will be informed of this. Please note we are unable to provide any further feedback to the volume of applications received.

All candidates should review the website for information about attending open days and mini open days where more information can be obtained.


  • Plan and complete your application accurately and in good time. This will take longer than you think and may need a number of revisions before it is suitable for submission. 
  • Spend time refining your personal statement to make the most of selling yourself to us. 
  • Make sure you have done your homework on midwifery. Make sure both you and your referees have a good understanding of the course. 

Once submitted your application is given a score for each section completed and those candidates who score above the minimum will be invited to attend a selection event. This will comprise of multiple mini interviews.

We wish you success with your application for our midwifery programme.



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