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Sport rehabilitation students in a sports hall training coordination with a basketball

Advice for applicants

Work experience

Please note: we are not expecting any work experience to have taken place or be ongoing after March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Your application for 2021 entry will not be negatively affected if you’ve been unable to complete work experience you had planned.


Both our BSc Physiotherapy and BSc Sport Rehabilitation are vocational degrees. It is therefore important that applicants have both enthusiasm and dedication to succeed, as well as being sure this is the right career choice. 

We expect you to have undertaken work experience as when you apply, we will be evaluating whether or not you have a clear understanding and commitment to the course and the profession.

Please note: without work experience it is likely that your application will be rejected automatically at the initial stages. 

Work experience settings

BSc Physiotherapy

  • NHS hospital
  • community setting
  • special schools
  • private practice
  • sports clinics
  • centres for the elderly 

BSc Sport Rehabilitation

It is desirable that you gain as much experience as you can in a variety of sport, health and leisure settings.

We understand it may be difficult to gain work experience, but if you are able to arrange a few days in a variety of settings this would be better than spending a week in one.

If you are unable to obtain work experience but have an appropriate level of experience of coaching within a sports club or team, your application may be considered. In this case, it is recommended that you contact us to discuss.

Interviews (BSc Physiotherapy)

It is our policy to interview for all places for BSc Physiotherapy (please note that there is not an interview for BSc Sport Rehabilitation).

The interviews are relatively informal and are scheduled to take place in December, January and February each year.

The interview is split into two parts and each candidate has two 15 minute interviews with two separate members of staff, before a small group based activity.

The interview is designed to assess:

  • insight into physiotherapy via work experience, courses, reading etc.
  • motivation
  • ability to communicate, to discuss and form opinions
  • personal attitudes and attributes
  • non-verbal communication skills
  • teamwork

Minimum age requirement

Both our BSc Physiotherapy and BSc Sport Rehabilitation degrees have a minimum age requirement. We do not consider your application if you will be under 17 years and 9 months on the 1 September of the year you start your course.

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