Support for Carers


A carer is anyone who is responsible for the care of a friend, family member or another person in need of support with daily living. Carers are a diverse group and every caring situation is different – the person being cared for may be ill, frail, disabled, experiencing a time of mental distress or suffering from substance misuse.

The University of Nottingham is committed to encouraging a working environment that values diversity, promotes equality, values all staff and supports them to excel. As part of that commitment, we offer a number of resources to help carers.

Carers’ Network

The University of Nottingham Carers’ Network is available for all University staff members who are carers. Meetings are held via Microsoft Teams, to which all network members are invited. Individuals do not have to attend meetings to remain members of the network. Some are informal gatherings and some more structured with invited speakers.

The network provides a forum for carers to provide mutual support and exchange information and ideas. It also acts as a mechanism for communication with the University, in particular Human Resources, and raises issues of policy, practice and procedure. The network is supported by Human Resources.

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Last edited Jun 05, 2023