Working with you

The University has a range of policies and guidance that can support staff with caring responsibilities.

Meeting Times Guidance

The University has made a commitment to avoid holding key internal meetings at the start and end of the day as part of a broader commitment to good employment practice, ensuring we offer equal opportunity and access to meetings to staff with diverse working patterns and out-of-work responsibilities as far as reasonably practicable.

Flexible working

All employees who have a minimum of 26 weeks' continuous service have the right to request flexible working and to have their request dealt with in a reasonable manner.

Job share

The University endorses the principle of job sharing as it recognises that this opens up a range of career opportunities to those who, out of choice or necessity, cannot work full-time.

Wellbeing at work

Achieving a good work-life balance can be hard for carers, but the University of Nottingham offers a wide range of benefits and facilities for wellbeing at work. There are also a range of professional development options available to help you get the most out of your time at the University.

Special leave

There are times when emergencies make absence from work unavoidable. The special leave for unplanned and urgent domestic, personal and family reasons policy enables staff to apply to take a reasonable period of unpaid time off to deal with unplanned and urgent events.

Long Term Carers’ Leave

As the population ages, increasing numbers of us are balancing work with caring for someone who needs us. This policy enables you to provide substantial full-time care for a dependant relative.  If you meet the eligibility criteria you could take 13 calendar weeks in any period of 12 months long-term carers leave on an unpaid basis.

Career break

The Career Break policy confirms our commitment to arrangements that enable employees to balance work with other commitment and responsibilities outside of work.

Dignity at Nottingham

The Dignity at Nottingham policy outlines procedures to be followed if anyone at the University feels they are being harassed, bullied or victimised. Its principles apply to all staff, students, associates and any contractors working on campus. Supporting the policy is a network of Dignity Advisors, who work on all UK campuses and come from a wide range of disciplines/roles.

Trade unions

The University works in partnership with the following trade unions:

Last edited Jul 21, 2021