Possible sources of stress in the workplace

The following can be sources of stress arising  from work:

Physical conditions

  • noise
  • poor ventilation
  • exposure to fumes, chemicals, or other  unpleasant substances
  • poor lighting
  • poor equipment
  • exposure to the elements
  • poor temperature  control
  • poor workstation

Job design

  • excessive workload
  • conflicting demands
  • tasks inappropriate to ability
  • boring repetitive work
  • surveillance
  • uncertainty about  responsibilities
  • under use of skills
  • time pressures
  • inadequate job description
  • responsibility for others

Work relationships

  • inconsistent management
  • poor management communication
  • customer/client complaints
  • lack of support or assistance
  • bullying
  • lack of appropriate training
  • lack of  constructive feedback
  • social isolation
  • harassment
  • the threat of  violence

Work organisation and conditions

  • continual changes in work
  • lack of participation in decision making
  • complexity and demands of new systems
  • lack of control over work
  • inadequate staffing
  • low pay or low status
  • lack of consultation over changes
  • job insecurity
  • lack of recognition or promotion prospects
  • lack of facilities for rest or breaks
  • unclear reporting lines
  • over promotion
  • lone working
  • excessive working hours

Sources of stress outside the workplace

These are manifold, arising notably from personality, relationships, life events, socio-economic factors, health state etc.
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