Other FAQs


What is a Fractional Contract?

A fractional contract (often referred to as a term-time contract) is used for a University employee who works a fraction of 52 weeks per year. Fractional contracts can be offered on a part-time or full-time hour’s basis.


What is the Anniversary Date?

The Anniversary Date is the start date of the current fractional contract of employment and is stated in the contract of employment. For example, if the contract started 1 September 2007, the Anniversary Date will be on 1 September every year. The anniversary date is very important, as this date is used to calculate salary for the year, holiday entitlement, Bank Holidays, University Closure Days etc.


What is a Designated Working Week?

This is the number of weeks the fractional worker is actually required to work and excludes Annual Leave, Bank Holidays and University Closure Days.


What is the Total Contract Length?

The total contract length is the amount of Designated Working Weeks plus the pro rata Annual Leave, Bank Holidays and University Closure Days.


What if a Fractional Contract Worker takes Annual Leave in Designated Working Week?

Annual Leave taken by a fractional worker during the Designated Working Weeks should be in exceptional circumstances only.

However, where the manager agrees to this annual leave they should ensure that the fractional worker works the equivalent amount of time taken on another occasion, previously determined between the fractional worker and the manager. This is required, as the salary for a fractional worker includes a pro rata entitlement to Annual Leave, Bank Holidays and University Closure Days. Please refer to the salary section for more information.


What if a Fractional Contract Worker doesn’t work enough hours?

If the hours paid are greater than the hours actually worked, the University will recover this payment from the fractional workers final salary. The manager must inform the Payroll Office in order for them to deduct the money from their final salary.


What other benefits still apply?

A fractional worker will receive the same benefits as other University contracted staff including increments and Performance Reviews in line with the applicable University procedure.


If a Fractional Worker is due to go on Maternity Leave, are they entitled to Maternity Pay?

Yes, and this is based on their normal monthly salary. Line managers must ensure they complete and return the appropriate paperwork as soon as possible to the HR Department. If you need further information you should speak with your Employment Relations Adviser.

Last edited Dec 13, 2015