Job Families, Staff Groups and Summary Terms & Conditions

This section covers the four main job families within the University and provides details of the summary terms and conditions for the level, or groups of levels within them. The job families are:

  • Research & Teaching (R&T)
  • Administrative, Professional & Managerial (APM)
  • Technical Services (TS)
  • Operations & Facilities (O&F)

Staff groups include:

  • Childcare Services (CCS)
  • Fertility Nursing Services (FNS)
  • Clinical Academics

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There are also a small number of staff categories not covered in the main staff groups or job families. Details for these members of staff can be found in your individual letter of appointment and/or your written statement of terms and conditions.

There is also specific guidance on fractional contracts, sometimes referred to as term-time only contracts.

Job families and staff groups

A job family describes a grouping of roles engaged in a similar or related type of activity. Each family has a number of levels and the different levels of activity are described in separate broad role profiles which describe the typical or common job elements for each level or grade to form the job family. Each staff group engage in similar activity and share common terms and conditions of employment.

Assigning the role level (including benchmark role profiles)

To help you develop the role profile and check the role level, the University has a library of benchmark role profiles and job level indicators which describe the typical or common responsibilities for each level within each job family, based on the knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications required.


Summary terms and conditions

Within this section, you will find a summary of the main terms and conditions for your role, based on the job families and staff groups.

Fractional contracts

This section is designed to assist in understanding what a fractional contract is and help with specific questions about this type of contract.


R&T change career pathway

This section describes the process to be followed when the focus of a role within the R&T Job Family is changed or is proposed to change from one career pathway to another.


Last edited Jun 07, 2024