Keeping in Touch (KIT) Days

While on maternity/paternity/adoption leave you are entitled by agreement with the University to undertake up to ten days’ paid work – known as “Keeping in Touch Days” (KIT).

The type of work that you undertake on KIT days is a matter for agreement with your Head of School/Department. They may be used for any activity which would ordinarily be classed as work under the contract of employment, but could also be used to:

  • attend a conference
  • undertake a training activity
  • attend a team meeting

If you attend a KIT day, you will be paid your normal contractual rate of pay for the hours worked. KIT days can be of any duration with the agreement of both parties. The KIT days may be used singly, consecutively or in blocks, but any work on any day (even as little as an hour) will count as a whole KIT day.

It is not the case that an employee can aggregate hours worked on different days beyond dates. For instance 20 half days work, does not equate to 10 full KIT days, if the employee works more than 10 dates, this may impact upon the entitlement to SMP/SAP/SPP. The University reserves the right to count the amount of any maternity/paternity/adoption pay that may be received during a KIT day towards the normal contractual pay due. Therefore, if you work during a period of no pay you will be paid for the hours worked on your KIT day at your normal rate of pay.

Your line manager is responsible for informing Payroll of the dates and hours of work on KIT days.

Note: You may wish to use the KIT - Optional Contact Record Form Microsoft Word


Last edited Jan 02, 2018