Maternity Leave Entitlement

All women are entitled to up to 52 weeks’ unpaid maternity leave. The law requires that a minimum of two weeks’ leave is taken from the date of childbirth.

The earliest maternity leave can start is from the 11th week before the expected week of childbirth.

If you give birth before your maternity leave commences you must inform your Employment Support Services team and your line manager (as soon as you are able) that you have given birth and the date your baby was born on the Notification of Birth Form. Your maternity leave will then automatically start on the day after your baby’s birth date.

In the event of a stillbirth after the start of the 16th week before the EWC, you shall be entitled to maternity leave as if the birth was live. Please be aware that the University runs a counselling service which is a free confidential service available to all members of University staff.

You can change your mind about when you want to start maternity leave providing you give to the Human Resources Department at least 28 days’ written notice.

You are strongly encouraged to read the Maternity Leave Policy which sets out the provisions to which you are entitled in more detail.

Last edited Aug 21, 2019