Statutory Pay and Abbreviations

Statutory Pay

The current Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Statutory Adoption Pay (SPP) and Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) rate is available on the Department for Work and Pensions web pages, together with information on Maternity Allowance.


AML - Additional Maternity Leave (follows OML and can be for up to next 26 weeks of maternity leave)

APL - Additional Paternity Leave (in addition to two weeks OPL, fathers/partners/civil partners given flexibility to take up to 26 weeks leave to care for child)

ASPP - Additional Statutory Paternity Pay

EWC - Expected week of Childbirth

KIT - Keeping in Touch (Day)

LEL - Lower Earnings Limit

MA - Maternity Allowance

MATB1 - Form issued by midwife to confirm EWC after 20th week of pregnancy

NIC - National Insurance Contributions

OML - Ordinary Maternity Leave (the first 26 weeks of maternity leave)

OMP - Occupational Maternity Pay

OPL - Ordinary Paternity Leave (supports fathers/partners/civil partners to be present at the birth of the child)

QW - Qualifying Week

RTW - Return to Work

SMP - Statutory Maternity Pay

SPP - Statutory Paternity Pay

Last edited Jan 02, 2018