Decision Tree


Determining the appropriate terms of engagement for the particular temporary role or assignment

  1. Manager identifies the need for a temporary role
  2. Establish if the role should be filled by an employee or a worker

Note: if the role is for an external examiner follow the External Examiner process

Recruiting an Employee

  1. Complete the ATF process for an employee request
  2. Appointment made or selection process initiated
  3. Employee contract passes through HR

Worker Required

  1. If there is no individual identified - contact JobZone
  2. If a student of the UoN is identified - contact JobZone
  3. If a suitable individual is already an employee of the UoN, follow the additional hours policy
  4. Otherwise, define employment status (see Defining Employment Status pdf document on right-hand side of this page)

Define Employment Status

  1. If a casual worker - letter of engagement progressed throuh HR
  2. If self-employed (contractor of consultant) or a consultancy firm - commercial contract for service progressed through Procurement


  1. Progress a letter of engagement through UniTemps
  2. Progress a commerical contract for services through JobZone



Last edited Jun 29, 2016