Worklife Balance

We acknowledge that flexibility to balance both work and home life are seen as a vital aid to the recruitment and retention of skilled and competent employees, as well as promoting job satisfaction and staff commitment. 

Work-life balance empowers employees to fulfill their career aspirations at the University as well as meet their responsibilities outside of work. 

This section provides information on a range of policies that we offer for you to be able to achieve a work-life balance.


Flexible working patterns are one of the best incentives and make achieving a sensible worklife balance possible.

Staff member, Staff Engagement Survey 2012




Flexible working

This section outlines the Flexible Working Code of Practice.

Special leave

This section details the entitlement for staff for reasonable time off for domestic incidents.

Carers leave 

This section gives information on how to apply for Carers Leave.


Career Breaks 

This section contains the process for requesting a career break.

Job share

This section outlines the arrangements whereby two people divide the duties and responsibilities of one full-time post between them.

Civic & public duties

This section details the entitlement to time off for public duties, trade union representatives, jury service, candidacy for Local Authority Council/MP and Service in volunteer service forces.

Last edited Apr 04, 2024