Job Families & Staff Groups


The majority of the people employed by the University have been allocated a level in a Job Family, with the remaining in a number of staff groups. Your Job Family and level or Staff Group will be shown in your contract of employment.

There are four job families within the University:

  • Research and Teaching (R&T)
  • Administrative, Professional and Managerial (APM)
  • Technical Services (TS)
  • Operations and Facilities (O&F)

Staff groups include:

  • Child care services (CCS)
  • Fertility Nursing Services (FNS)
  • Clinical Academics

There are also a small number of staff categories not covered in the main staff groups or job families. Details for these members of staff can be found in your individual letter of appointment and/or your written statement of terms and conditions.

Last edited Dec 09, 2015