Your Employment at the University

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The aim of this section is to explain in more detail a number of your terms and conditions of employment.

Your terms and conditions of employment are stated in the written statement (your contract) issued to you and certain terms included in this section are applicable only to specific job families and staff groups - this is clearly indicated. The terms and conditions set out in this section also form part of your contract of employment. In the case of any conflicting terms and conditions, your contractual terms prevail.

Your terms and conditions of employment are based on nationally and/or locally negotiated agreements between the University and the recognised Trade Union (UCU, UNITE and UNISON). RCN and RCM have representative rights in professional nursing or midwifery matters through an agreement with UCU.

Should you have any questions regarding the contents of this section, please discuss them with your Head of School/Department. If they are unable to answer any enquiry, please contact Human Resources.

Last edited Jan 11, 2024