Salary Scales

Most University staff are paid a salary which is based on a nationally-agreed scale. The scale is split into six main levels and provides the starting point for a seventh level.

The levels are divided into a progression range, from the minimum to the maximum point and an advancement range, for progression above the maximum point to the supermaximum point of the level. The levels work slightly differently in the Operations and Facilities job family where the 2019 local pay offer created a 2 point salary (note, there is no supermaximum range for roles in this job family).

Salaries are paid monthly on the penultimate working day of the month - see Pay Dates and Deadlines


Staff Groups

UCU represented staff

For UCU represented staff only (Research & Teaching (R&T) Job Family (all staff levels) and the Administrative, Professional and Managerial (APM) Job Family (staff Levels 4 - 7)), where the University of Nottingham undertakes annual pay negotiations via national collective bargaining.

For these staff groups, the 2021/22 pay award has been implemented from 1 August 2021, further details can be found here.

Unison and Unite represented staff

For Unison and Unite represented staff groups (APM Levels 1-3 staff, Technical Services, Childcare Services and Operations & Facilities staff), where the University undertakes local pay negotiations.

The 2021/22 pay award has now been finalised, with payment being applied in November salary with back pay from 1 August 2021.  An overview of the award is shown below.

The offer ensures significant enhancements for the lowest paid staff; through higher consolidated percentage uplifts to lower pay points, adopting an effective minimum hourly rate of £10 per hour from 1 November 2021, and a further commitment to pay the equivalent of the Voluntary Living Wage when it is confirmed in November 2021 if that rate exceeds the £10 per hour minimum already in place. The 2021 pay award, therefore, comprises of three parts:

  1. A local pay offer in line with the final national offer.  This is 1.5% to the pay spine, with higher percentage uplifts to the pay points below spine point 22, to a maximum of 3.6%. These are consolidated increases.
  2. Adopting a minimum hourly rate of £10 per hour (via non-consolidated top up where consolidated pay falls beneath this amount) from 1 November 2021. This is a further enhancement to the offer which members voted on this year.
  3. In addition, a commitment to meet the 2021 Living Wage Foundation rate, to be applied from December 2021, subject to the rate being announced in November 2021 exceeding the £10 per hour minimum that will already be in place, on the same non-consolidated top-up basis that currently applies.

 Technician Allowances

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