Performance at Work

Performance management is an ongoing process of communication and feedback between a manager/appraiser and an employee/appraisee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing individually defined objectives to contribute to the overall strategic objectives of the University and to support fulfilling individual development objectives, and competencies.

This approach enables the development of a high performing culture in which staff performance can be managed, supported, rewarded and enhanced effectively.

This is a key aim of the People Strategy to support the delivery of the University’s Strategy.

These pages provide managers and employees with good practice guidelines on various aspects of performance management including the ADC (Appraisal and Development Conversations) process.

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Appraisal and Development Conversations (ADC)

ADC is the process used by the University of Nottingham as part of a wider performance framework to ensure that individual staff:

  • Are clear about their goals and expectations.
  • Have development opportunities identified that will benefit them, the team and the University as a whole.
  • Are provided with feedback on an on-going basis relating to their contribution and performance against the required standards, to aid ongoing recognition, support motivation and help identify potential improvement requirements.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss career development and are supported to meet their career aspirations.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss any other elements relating to work including any leadership and management aspects, health and safety, wellbeing, work life balance and workload.

Please view the following information films for staff on the new Appraisal and Development Conversations (ADC) process.

Structure of the ADC

Getting the most from the ADC


The following sections are aimed to provide guidance and support to managers/appraisers and appraisees relating to ADC, covering both the specifics of the annual ADC process as well as additional information and guidance intended as wider reference material if required.


Clinical Academic Staff and O&F Staff

Please note that Clinical Academics and the O&F Job Family have specific performance processes relating to these staff groups, information is available as follows:

Clinical Academic Staff (Consultant Level)

Salary Review for O&F Staff

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