Conduct or Capability

It can often be difficult to decide whether a person's poor performance should be handled as a conduct or capability issue.  In some cases, a problem may appear at first to be a conduct issue, but later transpires to be one of capability or vice versa.

Matters of conduct should be managed under the Disciplinary Procedure. Matters of capability should be managed under the Capability Policy.

The following comparison may help you decide:

The person is making an effort,
but is not achieving the required improvement

The person does not make enough effort

They have received relevant
training, but they do not appear to have acquired the necessary skills

They are not applying skills they have

They ADMIT that they are not achieving the required standards

They do not agree on the problem identified 

They cannot obtain relevant qualifications

They are not interested in obtaining relevant qualifications 

They do not seem able to get there

They are not willing to get there

Low output of work

They do not seem interested in improving

Unauthorised absences




Last edited Aug 29, 2023