Reward, pay and allowances

Disability officer working in swimming pool

We aim to develop and implement a fair and transparent reward strategy and ensure that all staff are paid a fair and competitive salary as well as non pay benefits, and are rewarded and recognised for high performance.

This section includes all the components that go together to fulfil this aim.

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In addition to your basic salary, the University may make additional payments to you in recognition of performance of additional duties or working overtime, shift patterns or unsocial hours. Allowances are also paid to staff working overseas or in relation to your profession.

Benefits & Facilities

This section includes information on a variety of benefits and facilities from first-class fitness facilities and health services to childcare services and generous annual leave entitlement to enable staff to achieve the ideal work-life balance.



Recognition & Awards

As part of the Reward Strategy, the University operates the Nottingham Reward Scheme whereby individuals and teams can be nominated (or nominate themselves) for a variety of different rewards to recognise exceptional performance. This section describes the reward types, along with information about the Long Service Awards.

Salary Scales

The majority of University staff are paid a salary on the University’s main pay scale, which is split into seven main job family salary bands. The salary bands for levels 1 to 6 are based on a nationally-agreed salary framework, as is the minimum point of the salary band for Level 7.

Last edited Jul 29, 2019