Culture and the Arts

Art and performance

Lakeside is the University of Nottingham's unique public arts centre presenting an eclectic programme of music, dance, theatre, visual art and family events all year round.

Since its launch in September 2001, Lakeside has grown to play an integral and inspiring part in Nottingham's cultural life, hosting nationally significant events such as NOTT Dance and the Momentum New Writing Festivals.



Lakeside Arts Centre

Lakeside is The University of Nottingham's public arts centre and plays an integral and inspiring part in Nottingham's cultural life. Situated by beautiful parkland with lakeside views, the centre is also host to two distinctly different eateries. The wide ranging programme includes:


DH Lawrence Pavillion

In 2001 the DH Lawrence Pavilion, home to the Djanogly Theatre, Wallner Gallery and Weston Gallery, was added to the existing Lakeside portfolio of the Djanogly Recital Hall and Djanogly Art Gallery.

Djanogly Recital Hall

Regarded as one of the best in the UK, the superb acoustics in the compact concert hall make it a favourite with the BBC for recording and broadcasting.

Djanogly Art Gallery

The Djanogly Art Gallery is a popular venue, internationally renowned for:

  • visiting exhibitions
  • major historical exhibitions
  • cutting-edge contemporary installations
  • hosting Lustre, the annual Contemporary Craft Makers' Market

Djanogly Theatre

The 225 capacity Djanogly Theatre provides a stimulating and broad programme of drama, dance, comedy, jazz and world music, along with literary events. Since 2003, Lakeside has also been developing a name for its own in-house productions.

Weston Gallery and the Manuscripts and Special collections Department

The Weston Gallery presents archive exhibitions of regional culture and history from The University's unique Manuscripts and Special collections Department. 

The University has been collecting manuscripts since the early 1930s. The service now offers:

  • approximately 3 million documents
  • 60,000 rare books
  • a public reading room

Collections and archives of books cover a wide range of subjects. For further information, please visit the Manuscripts and Special Collections website.


University Museum

The University Museum contains artefacts dating back 250,000 years and was named Nottinghamshire Heritage Museum of the Year in 2010. It is based in the Rotunda in the Lakeside Arts Centre.

Student companies

The University has a number of student companies, such as the New Theatre, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society and Musicality. 


Community Partnerships

The Djanogly Theatre plays an important role in the community and has been active in developing partnerships with local arts agencies and initiatives, including:

  • Nottingham Playhouse
  • Nottdance
  • Momentum Festival of New Writing