Department of Classics and Archaeology

Q-Kolleg Conference 2013

Monday 2nd (10:00) - Tuesday 3rd September 2013 (17:30)

 Q-Kolleg Conference: Fresh Perspectives on Greco-Roman Visual Culture

In Classical Archaeology the various testimonia of Graeco-Roman imagery (as understood in its broadest sense: sculpture, reliefs, paintings etc.) are increasingly interpreted as indicators of the social, political and cultural functioning of ancient societies. Although cultural interpretations of ancient art and imagery are gaining importance, the fundamental discussion about the intrinsic potential of images often fails to take place.

The Q-Kolleg initiative, an exchange between The University of Nottingham and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, explicitly addresses the study of ancient images. During the past academic year, various methodological approaches were discussed and tested in student research projects at undergraduate to postgraduate level. In keeping with the bi-national nature of the project, particular emphasis was given to the comparison of how the study of images has been approached in German and British scholarship.

The results of this research, supplemented by contributions from Fellows of the preceding Q-College cohort, and postgraduates from Berlin and Nottingham, will be presented at the conference, addressing the study of ancient images from four different perspectives: the specific content of images, the modes of their representation, their context, and the methods of their interpretation. The conference is divided into four sections according to these perspectives. Papers are to be presented in a problem-oriented manner in order to stimulate discussion.  Please see the programme PDF format for more details.

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