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Past and present students share what it's really like studying Classics and Archaeology with us:

Current students


Hannah Parker, second-year Classical Civilisation student

 Hannah Parker

If I’m reading about art, it just makes me happy. It’s like a puzzle clicking into place, I just love it. I know it’s the thing I do best in, so clearly the intellect’s there, the passion’s there. Why wouldn’t I want to do my career in something that I love and am good at?

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Emily LeHegarat, first-year Archaeology student


I thought archaeology is really interesting, as you get to see how history is made and the science is accessible, and I could learn how to do it. It was hands-on, but also humanities, which I like.


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Our graduates


Jennifer Hatton – Senior Visitor Experience Manager at the Natural History Museum

BSc Archaeology graduate, 2016

Jennifer - careers

Research is super important – the ability to take in lots of data, or huge amounts of text. In my career, I need to turn that into interpretation for visiting public in museums or historic houses. It's a hugely important skill set that I wouldn’t have got in other subjects.

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David Hanks – Collections Manager for English Heritage

BA Archaeology graduate, 2015


One of my favourite modules was 'Introduction to Roman Archaeology’. It was one of the first modules I started and it really reaffirmed that this subject was the right step for me. It sparked again that sense of excitement that had started as a child, reading 'Horrible Histories' and during visits to archaeological sites. 

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Miriam Zendle – Digital Content Manager, Writer, Editor and Yoga Teacher

BA Classical Civilisation graduate, 2007


I took advice from relevant people, who said "do work experience around the things you want to do and do a degree in what you love". So I chose Classical Civilisation and I did loads and loads of work experience on the side.

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