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Southwell and Nottingham church history

Project overview

The project has established a database of accurately researched historical and archaeological information on the 400+ churches and former churches and sites that make, or made, up the principal historic religious Christian buildings in Nottinghamshire and the historic archdeaconry of Nottingham. This project is ongoing with new material and edits added regularly.

Research is being undertaken by volunteers throughout the county and beyond and material submitted to the database is reviewed and edited by Emeritus Professor John Beckett and Dr Christopher Brooke. 


[Image: All Saints church, Hawton, Nottinghamshire]
Medieval stone church with a square tower against a blue sky on a sunny day

Project aims

The aims of this project are as follows:

  • to provide internet web pages of the database for wider circulation;
  • to aid historians and archaeologists with research;
  • to help parishes appreciate their church buildings and provide accurately researched booklets and information for visitors and tourists;
  • to provide historic information to inspecting church architects, archaeologists, planners, and conservators to enable them to make informed decisions and proposals on maintenance and improvement of churches;
  • to promote Anglican church buildings as an educational resource for schools and colleges.

This is the first time in England that an entire county’s historic churches have been comprehensively analysed to this extent and published in this format.


The project has been funded by the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese and by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Between 2009 and 2014 the HLF (now NLHF) granted £382,000 to the project.

Who's involved

Dr Chris Brooke (editor)

Prof. Emeritus John Beckett (editor)

Andrew Nicholson (webmaster)

Janice Avery, Jonathan Pickett, Tony Brown (steering group)

Project website

Southwell and Nottingham church history project  



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