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Curating Online Resources for Engagement and Learning (COREL)

Project summary

Presenting written sources online is a challenge for researchers, archivists, librarians, community historians, genealogists and others who wish to increase public access to and engagement with textual materials that they hold. The problem is not digitising or putting the text online; rather, the challenge is putting it online in a way that effectively engages users.

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The Creating Online Resources for Engagement and Learning (COREL) project aimed to design an open-source, cross-platform digital service that enables the holders of documents to upload and publish their digitised texts, turning them into accessible online exhibits that will attract a wide range of users, as well as inform, educate and entertain them.

To test a series of design concepts, we used a variety of textual sources of historical interest, including official and personal documents and newspapers, some of these provided by community partners.

The digital curation tool was developed in partnership with Life Lines, a local Nottingham-based community history group, whose work is supported by heritage consultancy Culture Syndicates, and with a number of public research organisations, including Nottinghamshire Archives, the British Library, the British Museum and The National Archives.

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Who's involved

Nick Baron

Project dates

August 2016 - December 2020


The project was funded by:

  • The Centre for Hidden Histories, University of Nottingham
  • The UK Arts and Humanities Research Council
  • The Higher Education Innovation Fund
  • University of Nottingham Research Priority Area ‘Heritage and the Digital‘

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