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Listen by the Lake

New installation around the lake at University Park

Listen By the Lake features four new ‘listening posts’ that tell short stories about a selection of fascinating and unusual research projects currently going on at the university. The four posts are located on the banks of the boating lake just behind Lakeside Arts on University Park. At the press of a button, visitors can spend a few minutes hearing audio clips about the lives and work of University researchers on a range of topics currently under the spotlight in the Faculty of Arts.

We are delighted that two members of our School of Humanities have had their research highlighted in this exciting project, through the contributions by Hannah O'Regan and Dr Elizabeth Kelly. Find out more their work, and the other listening posts, below: 

  • Archaeologist, Dr Hannah O’Regan, Department of Classics and Archaeology, tells the story of how bears were an integral part of the entertainment scene in the time of Shakespeare and what DNA from an ancient brown bear skull can tell us about them
  • Composer, Dr Elizabeth Kelly, Department of Music, shares her work on creating and sharing new music with audiences. Elizabeth tells how she teams up with other types of artists such as poets, choreographers, and film makers to create different kinds of performance experience.
  • In his research, culture expert, Dr James Mansell, Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies, investigates the use of sound to engage the public. His listening post track shares his reinvention of the old-fashioned postcard for the digital age.
  • A fourth listening post features Dr Jai MacKenzie, School of English who presents her research into concepts of the ‘modern family’ which will be of interest to the many different types of family who visit Highfields Park and the university campus every day.

More about the interactive experience can be read in the University press release.

Posted on Monday 31st January 2022

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