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Listen by the Lake

In August 2021, the Institute installed four listening posts by the side of the lake on Highfields Park. We wanted to experiment with a different way of reaching the local community, as during the Covid-19 pandemic most of the universities engagement with audiences happened online. The listening posts allow children and families to gain an insight into our world of research while enjoying outdoor recreation.

The content of the posts will regularily and this page will serve as an archive of tracks featured. It will also allow those who are not able to visit our campus to access the content created.

We hope you enjoy the tracks and they inspire you to carry out your own investigation!

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Additional content

As well as audio tracks each of our posts features QR codes that park visitors can scan, in order to gain additional content or information.  Here's a look at two of those we featured during our first installation, one linking to information on the exploration of distant galaxies, the other to an online exhibition.


Listen to tracks by Professor Omar Almaini from the School for Physics and Astronomy.


Listen to tracks by PhD student Hannah Kemp from the School of Geography.




Listen to tracks by professor Angus Davison from the School of Life Science.






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