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Laptop loan and repair

A laptop loan and repair service for personal student devices.

Important changes to the Laptop Loan and Repair service

From Saturday 21 March 2020 the Laptop Loan and Repair service will operate an ‘appointments only’ service. We will only offer appointments for you to: 

  • Collect repaired laptops
  • Return loaned laptops that have a return date before Friday 27 March

We will not be open for any other laptop repairs or loans until the University fully reopens again. 

If your laptop is due back on or after Friday 27 March, you won’t need to return your laptop until the service reopens. We will email you when you can return your laptop and you won’t incur any charges. 

To arrange an appointment, or if you have any enquiries, please email:

Thank you for your understanding.


How to find us

The Laptop Loan and Repair service is located in Portland Building, B09, B floor on University Park (building number 15).


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Opening times

The Laptop Loan and Repair service at Portland Building is open at the following times except on University closure dates.

Laptop Loan and Repair Service opening times
Monday  9am - 4.45pm
Tuesday  9am - 4.45pm
Wednesday  9am - 4.45pm
Thursday  9am - 4.45pm
Friday  9am - 4.30pm

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Laptop loan service

Devices available

The student-only loan service provides free 30 day loans of these devices:

  • Windows 10 laptops (with Office 2016, DVD drive)

Devices allow installation of further applications as required and are wiped on return.

Loan of devices depends on demand and is on a first-come, first-served basis from Portland Building, B09.

Conditions of loan

  • Loans are available for students only
  • 30 day loan period
  • You must have a valid University Card, username and password
  • You must agree to the conditions within the Code of Practice
  • You return the device in good condition
  • Should any damages occur, you will be liable for the cost of repair

Library laptops

Libraries provide their own three hour loan service of Windows 10 laptops for use in Libraries only.


Laptop repair service

This service is available for personal devices running Windows, Mac OS X or GNU/Linux and is available to all students at the University of Nottingham.

If the device cannot be repaired immediately, it will be booked into the workshop and we will let you know once it is ready to collect.

Services include:

  • virus and malware removal
  • startup issues, crashes and stability problems
  • backups and simple file recovery
  • operating system upgrades and reinstallations
  • hard drive replacements
  • simple hardware repairs (excluding phone/tablet devices)

In addition, you can visit Smart Bars on campus for virus and malware removal and other simple fixes.

Repair services

Our IT specialists are on-hand to fix a wide range of personal devices for students. We offer free advice on how to resolve technical problems. Please note this is a student only service.

We never charge for labour – only the parts you need – take a look at the menu below:

We are unable to accept parts supplied by students.
Repair service menu
Repair Windows O/S Apple Mac 
Labour  Free  Free 
Virus/Malware removal  Free  Free 
Application load/fix Free  Free 
Backup/restore  Free  Free 
Hard disk From £60
Screen  Price after assessment
Touch screen  Price after assessment
Keyboard  Price after assessment
Internal parts (including motherboard)  Price after assessment

IT consumables
Items for sale Windows Apple 
Mains charger  From £30  From £40 
Battery  From £40  From £60 
External HD (including caddy)  From £40
HD caddy only  From £15
USB memory stick (16GB) From £5
USB memory stick (32GB) From £10

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When you visit

If you wish to make use of this service, please make sure you bring:

  • the device that needs repairing
  • power lead for the device (if appropriate)
  • international power adaptor (if required) for the power lead
  • USB pen drive or external hard drive if you wish any data to be copied from the computer
  • description of the problem (including any error messages)
  • your preferred contact details

If you have any questions about this service, you can call us on 0115 95 13325.

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Dealing with malware

Malware is malicious software (including viruses) that can affect the way in which a computer operates and can be used to gather sensitive information or control the computer.

Symptoms may include:

  • your computer running slowly
  • computer programs malfunctioning
  • unexpected popup messages (including adverts) appearing

This can be avoided by making sure that a computer has security software installed (including anti-virus) and keeping it up to date.

Students and staff at the University are entitled to download and use Sophos for this purpose although other products are available and may already be pre-installed on your computer.

If a computer is already infected with malware, a number of free to use products exist, such as Malwarebytes, that will detect and remove it.

For advice on dealing with malware and viruses, visit a Smart Bar or the Laptop Loan and Repair service.

Information security

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