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Understanding our assessment process

Whether you applied for a job at the University of Nottingham or any other organisation, as part of the process, you could be asked to complete additional assessment tasks. This may include a written or practical test on the day, an online assessment prior to interview, a group discussion, or a presentation for example.  

In our recruitment process we may use a range of alternative assessment methods in addition to a structured interview that are designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities in different ways. 

Examples of assessments used in addition to a structured interview, depending on the type of role you are applying for, might include. 

  • Deliver a lecture or a presentation to the interviewing panel or invited audience 
  • Talk about a specific topic in a group discussion  
  • Complete a job-related task such as an in-tray exercise, write an email in response to a given scenario, prioritisation 
  • Diagnose an equipment fault and suggest ways it could be repaired 

For example;  

We may use a managerial scenario exercise for a role with management responsibilities.  

Online assessments  

We use a variety of online assessments for you to demonstrate your skills and to assist managers in making selection decisions. You may be asked to complete this type of assessment prior to attending your interview depending on the role you are applying for.  
Examples include: 

  • Skills Tests 
  • Analysis Exercises 
  • Situational Judgment Tests   
  • Ability/aptitude tests 
  • Personality questionnaires 

If we are using an online assessment, you will be asked to complete this prior to attending the interview. You will receive instructions in your invitation to interview and it is important that you complete it by the given deadline. A helpful guide will be shared with you to explain more about the assessment you have been asked to do and to help you know what to expect before you start. Prior to beginning the assessment, you will have the option to take a practise test to familiarise yourself with the process. 

 Tips on how to succeed in assessments


Aptitude and skill-based tests 
  • Access the practice tests which are usually available online  
  • Carefully read/listen to instructions before you start and make sure you understand them, if not please contact us 
  • Ask for clarification if you not sure what to do 
  • Try to work quickly and accurately 
  • Move on to the next task to save time and avoid getting stuck  
  • Make sure you watch the time 
  • Structure your presentation
  • Make sure the content addresses the topic 
  • Make sure you deliver the content in clear and concise way  
  • Try to engage with the audience by keeping an eye contact  
  • Check if you can use visual aids, such as PowerPoint 
  • Make sure you are prepared, practice before will help you with this and to manage time 
 Group discussions 
  • Actively listen and be engaged / engaging 
  • Demonstrate you can work with others 
  • Address the topic 
  • Think about the group as well as your role in the task 
  • Seek to involve everyone as a part of the discussion  
  • Go with your instinct, don’t try to guess what they are looking for 
  • Be yourself - there are consistency measures built into the process 


Good Luck!