Chair, Finance Committee and Treasurer

Job Reference
Closing Date
18th March 2019
Unremunerated, with expenses paid

The role

The Chair of the Finance Committee and Treasurer is responsible to Council for the effectiveness of their Committee.

As Chair of the Finance Committee, the postholder should ensure appropriate conduct and debate, promote efficient operation of the Committee, ensure that members work together effectively and enable the proper conduct of business. The constitution and conduct of the Finance Committee is regulated by the Standing Orders of Council and the Chair should ensure full adherence to the Standing Orders.

The Chair of the Finance Committee should take particular care that all members of the Finance Committee observe the principles of behaviour in public life (the “Nolan Principles”), which embrace selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

Relationship to the executive

Through leadership of the Finance Committee, the Chair plays a key role in the business of the University but should not be drawn into executive management. For the Finance Committee to be effective there must be a constructive working relationship between the Chair and relevant senior managers of the University, with both parties recognising that their roles are formally distinct. The relationship should be mutually supportive but must also incorporate the checks and balances imposed by the different roles.

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