School of Geography map collection

Maps in the School of Geography’s extensive collection are now searchable via NUsearch.

The School of Geography map collection is the main cartographic holding within the University and one of the largest in the East Midlands, comprising over 85,000 paper maps housed in 550 drawers.

Available to access via appointment to University staff, students and the public, the collection features noteworthy maps covering a wide range of locations and cartographic styles.

PLEASE NOTE: Catalogued information for the map collection is in text format only and does not include any images of the maps.

How to search the collection

1. Go to and search for a place name or location

2. From the available filters under 'Resource type', select 'School of Geography maps'

Screenshot of NUsearch resource type filters. School of Geography maps filter is highlighted.

3. Select 'Remember all filters' to lock this in place

Screenshot of NUsearch active filters. Remember all filters is highlighted

4. To see more details about a map, click on the title or 'View full record' link'

How to request an appointment to view a map

You can request an appointment to view the map directly from the record in NUsearch.

1. Follow the request link on the map record under 'UoN Collections'

Screenshot of NUsearch map record including link to contact the Cartographic Manager to view the map

2. The details of the map will be automatically added to the request form. Just add in your name, email address, your phone number (optional) and submit the form.

Screenshot of the Map Collection Request Form showing the Name, Email and Phone fields and details of the selected map which has been prefilled

The School of Geography will be in touch directly to arrange a time to view the requested map.

Help and support

If you have any queries about using Nusearch, please email

To find out more about the School of Geography Maps collection, email

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Nottingham, NG7 2NR

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