Linguistic Profiling
for Professionals
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Online learning

Our online CPD courses are designed to help you influence your everyday business communication and achieve your workplace goals.

We are experts in helping professionals improve communication practices and behaviours in the workplace. 


Continuing Professional Development


Continuing professional development is key in many careers and can often open the doors to progression or even help you break through into a new field. So what's holding you back?

If it's work or time commitments, don't let it stop you – we offer a range of flexible online courses to help you become a communication expert at your own pace.

By giving you an opportunity to build your own personalised linguistic profiles and develop linguistics awareness, you can take charge of your communication.  Our innovative modules give learners the opportunity to study the following 10 credit modules.

Join our bespoke online CPD courses to discover your full potential!

Four young professionals sitting at a table

Bridging the Gender Gap: Effective Communication in the Workplace

Young man sitting down speaking with a young woman with a laptop on her knee

Crossing Continents:Business Communication on a Global Stage

Professional man standing near a window speaking on a mobile

Miscommunication and Conflict Resolution at Work

Male and female professionals sitting on a long table in front of a window with laptops

Professional Communication in the Digital World

Two females and one male standing together in conversation

Team Talk: Communicating Effectively at Work

Two young professional looking at information on a tablet

The Art of Communication: The Language of Leadership




Linguistic Profiling for Professionals

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