Linguistic Profiling
for Professionals

What we do

We felt that a change was needed in the way people improve their communication, so we created Linguistic Profiling for Professionals.

Our approach was born in Nottingham, based on empirical evidence, research and real-life experiences.

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      Key benefits of working with professional communication experts are:
  • strengthening workplace communication
  • increasing organisational efficiency
  • improving employee engagement
  • enhancing message and impact in the market
  • a direct impact on bottom line
  • a clearer direction for the organisation



We show clients how written/verbal/non-verbal communication may be interpreted by others and, critically, how they can make their workplace communication more effective.

Simply, we show clients how to enhance and develop their workplace communication and give them the tools to achieve this.


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LiPP Africa

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Linguistic Profiling for Professionals

Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics
The University of Nottingham
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

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