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Year Month Event
1660   King Charles II restored to the English and Scottish thrones
1673   Test Act bars Catholics from public office
1678   Reports of a 'Popish Plot'
1683   Rye House Plot
1685   Death of Charles II. His brother the Duke of York comes to the throne as King James II of England and King James VII of Scotland.

Invasion of England by the Duke of Monmouth, who is defeated at the Battle of Sedgemoor
1687   Declaration of Indulgence published by James II, allowing religious toleration
1688 April Declaration of Indulgence re-issued
  June Heir to the throne, Prince James Francis Edward Stuart ('The Old Pretender'), born

'Invitation' taken to William of Orange, offering him the crown
  September William of Orange publishes his 'Declaration'
  November 5 William of Orange's fleet lands at Torbay
  December 1 James meets William's envoys and is offered humiliating conditions
  December 16 The City of London refuses to defend James
  December 23 James flees to France
1689 April 11 William of Orange and his wife Mary crowned as William III and Mary II
  December 16 Bill of Rights passed, confirming William and Mary as monarchs and the exclusion of Catholics from the throne
1690 July William III defeats James II at the Battle of the Boyne, Ireland
1701   James II dies

Act of Settlement confirming the throne to the Hanoverians


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