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Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary strand that focuses on the synergistic integration of mechanical, electronic, and electrical engineering systems. It includes a combination of robotics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

The main aim of the UTC’s Mechatronics strand is to develop smart Mechatronics systems to enhance the manufacturing capabilities used in the production of existing and future aeroengines.

To achieve this, the UTC is focusing its efforts into three strategic cooperative research branches within this new research strand:

  1. Digitalisation of human operations
  2. Development of intelligent production systems
  3. Data-driven manufacturing systems



Research and Development List

Here you can find information about our projects. 

Reconfigurable Soft Robots by Building Blocks

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This research project presents a design of soft building blocks that can be disassembled and reconfigured to build different modular configurations of soft robots such as robotic fingers and continuum robots. To validate the approach, 2D and 3D case studies of bio-inspired designs are demonstrated: first, soft fingers are introduced as a case study for grasping complex and delicate objects. Second, an elephant trunk is used for grasping a flower. Third, a walking legged robot. These case studies prove that the proposed modular building approach makes it easier to build and reconfigure different types of soft robots with multiple complex shapes.


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