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GE Nanotom S

The Phoenix Nanotom S is a 180kV nanofocus Computed Tomography (nano CT) system tailored to applications in material science, engineering, micromechanics, electronics, geology and biology.

With its 180kV ultra high performance nanofocus X-ray tube, precision mechanics and advanced software modules, the nanotom offers high resolution imaging of small (1mm) to medium (70mm) sized samples with a wide range of 3D CT applications.

 small scanner

Key features 


    • Spatial resolution: <1 to 60µm (depending on sample size)
    • Maximum sample size: 150 x 70 x 70mm
    • High precision rotation-unit with air bearing for accurate and reliable CT images
    • Granite-based manipulation and optional thermal stabilization for long-term stability and highest precision
    • 5 MP Hamamatsu CMOS digital detector

Manufacturer's specifications


For applications visit our applications page or see our gallery.

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