Hounsfield Facility: 3D X-ray imaging

v|tome|x L (modified)

This custom system has been specifically designed for our facility for the imaging of large samples (1m length x 20cm diameter). In our facility, we use the system to image wheat plants throughout its whole growth cycle from seed to flowering – bringing the field closer to the lab than ever before. The plants are grown in large soil columns in a fully automated glasshouse.

The system is housed in a large safety cabinet and consists of a high power 320kV minifocus X-ray tube, heavy duty manipulator stage and a high contrast digital detector. An automated laser guided vehicle and automatic FANUC robotic arm deliver the sapmle from the glasshouse to the system.

   Large scanner

Key features

    • Spatial resolution: 150µm
    • Maximum sample size: 100 x 20 x 20cm
    • High accuracy direct measuring system
    • Automated sample loading from the greenhouse via Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) and Fanuc Robot Arm

Manufacturer's specifications for a similar model


For applications visit our applications page or see our gallery.

Robotics in action

A plants eye-view of the automated CT scan procedure. The plant is collected from its position in the glasshouse by the laser guided vehicle and taken to the Fanuc robot arm that subsequently loads the column into the CT scanner. During the scan the sample is rotated through 360 degrees as numerous radiograph images are collected and then reconstructed into a 3D data volume. The sample is then returned to the glasshouse.









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