Michele Geraci

Michele Geraci 
Nottingham University Business School
University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Professor of Practice in Economic Policy
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Expertise summary

Chinese economy and society. Euro-zone debt crisis and China's role in it. The microcredit industry in China. The myth that Chinese individuals are high savers, how to grow the Chinese economy and how to find an optimum balance between agriculture, manufacturing and service industries. Renminbi exchange rates, impact on exports, migrations, rural finance, hukou, land-transfer and reforms of banking and stock exchange markets.

Michele Geraci is a managing director-level investment banker with vast international experience, having worked over the last 20 years in fund management, equity research, corporate finance, management consultancy, and as a telecom engineer across Europe, Latin America and Asia. 

Michele regularly participates in conferences and forums. He has been invited twice to the “China Summit”, organised by The Economist, where he gave speeches on financial system reform and on China’s growing role in international affairs. He is a frequent guest on television news programmes (for example, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, CCTV, Al Jazeera) and is often quoted in the media. He is a regular contributor to China Daily and a columnist of Caixin Magazine, offering commentaries on financial and economic issues.

Previous extensive media work includes:

Urbanisation to fuel China’s Growth

Talk show guest commentator , CCTV “Voices and Votes”, March 2013

Italian Election: Grillo and the Five Star Movement Tsunami

Op-ed – Caixin Magazine, February 2013

The race for Italian Elections

Op-ed – Caixin Magazine, February 2013

Agricultural Transformation in China

Talk show guest commentator , CCTV “Dialogue”, February 2013

The new “Impossible Trinity” of Chinese economy

Op-ed – Caixin Magazine, February 2013

China 2012 Economic Data

Talk show guest commentator , CCTV “Dialogue”, January 2013

Building a moderately prosperous society?

Op-ed – Caixin Magazine, November 2012

The Chinese Economy : Impossible to rebalance?

Op-ed – Caixin Magazine, November 2012

Baroni, Addio – Io Vado in Cina

Interview – Espresso Magazine, July 2012

C’e’ la crisi in Cina

Interview – China Files, Sept 2012

Lowering interest rates may not be the best option to stimulate the economy

Op-ed – Caixin Magazine, July 2012

Misplaced Optimism

Op-ed – Insight Magazine, American Chamber of Commerce, May 2012

Savage Urbanisation: the new Cultural Revolution (“粗放城市化”中的文化灭绝)

Op-ed – Caixin Magazine, Apr 2012

Eurozone Crisis: origin, solutions and impact on China

Guest Lectures, Various Universities, 2012-2013

Fostering the Development of SMEs in China

Op-ed — China Daily,Mar 2012

Is China getting ready for a break-up of the Eurozone? (中国是否准备好面对欧元区瓦解)


Op-ed – Caixin Magazine, Feb 2012


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