Dr Luke Emeka Okafor

Dr Luke Emeka Okafor
+6 (03) 8725 3716

Expertise summary

Economic issues that relate to international trade, regional connectivity, digital transformation, tourism economics, development process, and industrial organization with a specific focus on how firms, industries, and countries respond to globalization and shocks. This includes investigating the interplay between digitalization, economic resilience, and performance as well as COVID-19 effects on firms, industries, and economies.

Research group: Regional connectivity. 

University links: I have research collaborations with colleagues based at Monash University, Australia, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Algoma University, Canada, and Pan-Atlantic University, Nigeria.

More information can be found on Dr Okafor's webpage.

Consultancy and Research:  Dr Okafor is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.

Policy credentials

I have worked with Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, on two EMERICS research projects that relate to foreign direct investment and digital connectivity. I would like to work on analysis of global economic issues that affect the Asian region.

Media credentials

I was interviewed by a journalist from the World Finance Magazine about Malaysia's journey to become the next Asian superpower and the interview was published in the Magazine. I have also published an article in the Financial Express, a Bangladeshi Newspaper. I am open to being interviewed on global issues affecting the Asian region. I would like to publish articles on global issue that impact Asia region in magazines and newspapers.

Industry credentials

I would like to work on analysis of global economic issues that affect firms and industries in Asian region, especially in the context of international trade, regional connectivity, COVID-19 effects, and digital transformation.


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