Professor Andrew Fisher

Professor Andrew Fisher
Department of Philosophy
0115 846 7647

Expertise summary

Philosophy in schools - esp. philosophy teaching in primary schools.

Ethics issues - e.g. abortion rights, euthanasia, sports and drugs, transwomen in sport.

Artificial Intelligence and its ethical implications - e.g. job losses, self-driving cars and accidents, AI in classrooms, etc. Issues to do with classrooms and education - e.g. curriculum development and sex ed; the value of arts and humanities vs 'useful' subjects; indoctrination vs education (e.g. faith schools), private vs comp schools.

Issues to do with God and science - demarcating the debate, understanding how science actually works, arguments for/against God, problem of suffering and God.

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity - cultural appropriation, gender and sex, claims about colonization of the curriculum, liberal vs authoritarian education, chilly climates, stereotype threat, implicit bias etc.

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