Professor Mathew Humphrey

Professor Mathew Humphrey
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Environmental politics, especially the ethics of and acceptability of forms of direct action protests such as the climate camp, sit ins, 'ecological sabotage', anti-roads protests etc. Ethics and political conflict — in democratic societies, how should citizens behave? Should we seek to make reasoned argument and pursue interests and beliefs through the ballot box or are more radical means, such as occupations, sit-ins, boycotting, attacks on property and even violence against the person, acceptable? Public attitudes to shale gas in the UK.

Dr Humphrey is experienced in dealing with the media across both the print and broadcast media. He has been interviewed by BBC News in relation to climate camp protests. He has been consulted by the UK and US press on public attitudes to climate change e.g 

Articles by Dr Humphrey have also appeared in Times Higher Education.
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