Dr Denis Schluppeck

Dr Denis Schluppeck
School of Psychology
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Expertise summary

The aim of my research is to understand how we use our senses of vision and touch to gather information about the world and how we use that information to make decisions that are critical for our personal survival and well-being. I use a combination of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), behavioural experiments, and computational modeling. I am particularly excited about the use of magnetic resonance imaging at very high magnetic field strengths (7 T). This allows us to "zoom in" on particular areas of the brain and make non-invasive measurements at an amazingly small scale.

I can talk to the media about the brain and general topics in neuroscience - brain imaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging. Related topics - visual and other sensory illusions. Public engagement in science, getting the next generation of scientists interested in our subjects.

I am a British Science Association Media Fellow (2016). During my placement with Clive Cookson, Science Editor at the Financial Times, I published a series of general science stories. I have also participated in a media training day with the BBSRC.

Consultancy and Research: Dr Schluppeck is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.


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