November 2016

Aerospace giants reveal industry value of working with research students

Industry leaders from Rolls Royce, Airbus and Safran Landing Systems spoke of the tangible benefits of working with research students at the Institute of Aerospace Technology (IAT) Showcase 2016 at The University of Nottingham on 25 November.

World first MRI study sheds light on heart damage during kidney dialysis

Experts in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and kidney disease have carried out the first ever scans to study the heart function of kidney patients while they are having dialysis treatment.

Nottingham leads the world in research using information from primary healthcare

A report in BMJ Open reveals The University of Nottingham has produced the largest number of research publications using primary care databases of any institution in the world and is second in the world for citations.

Menopause at work – Nottingham expertise informs new guidelines

Research by a Nottingham academic has helped to shape new guidance on dealing with menopause in the workplace.

Harnessing the power of predatory bacteria as a 'living antibiotic'

A naturally occurring predatory bacterium is able to work with the immune system to clear multi-drug resistant Shigella infections, according to a study involving academics at The University of Nottingham.

Defining conservation priorities in tropical and biodiversity rich countries

Ensuring conservation becomes an integral part of the development process in tropical and biodiversity rich countries.

New research centre launches in Nottingham to focus on mood disorders

A new Centre of Excellence is being launched next week by the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham, a partnership between Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Nottingham.

MRI successful new test for liver damage, say Nottingham experts

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) could offer a new non-invasive test for liver damage that could transform the care of patients with cirrhosis, say experts in Nottingham.

Materials medal for engineer

A materials engineering academic at The University of Nottingham is to receive a prestigious award from the International Association of Advanced Materials.

Green chemist, Sir Martyn Poliakoff, recognised for influential research

Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Vet School students raise awareness of antibiotic resistance

Vet School and Biosciences students and staff take part in European Antibiotic Resistance Day to raise awareness of the growing threat to human and animal health and the hunt for new antimicrobial treatments.

Aerospace PhD student wins prize for quality of his electromagnetic research

An aerospace PhD student from The University of Nottingham has won the Peter Kemmey Scholarship medal for the outstanding quality of his electromagnetic research.

Virologists unravel mystery of late C20th gibbon leukaemia outbreak

Vet School researchers have found the outbreak was most likely caused inadvertently by the unregulated international trading of gibbons and laboratory work on viruses in US military and other medical research facilities.

Making Nottingham a slavery free city

A new initiative to make Nottingham a slavery-free city will be announced at a public debate on Friday 18 November.

Industry leaders join showcase of aerospace research and technology

UK and European aerospace research and technology leaders will discuss the technological innovations and skills needed to drive the sector forward at The University of Nottingham later this month.

Nottingham physio students to 'climb Everest' by stairs

Physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation students at The University of Nottingham are to attempt to climb stairs to the height of Mount Everest in a bid to promote exercise in the workplace.

Farm vets can help farmers minimise damage to meat

A new investigation into how meat can be damaged by farm injections has found that 4 per cent of cattle slaughtered in abattoirs in England had injection site lesions in the carcasses.

Ground-breaking for flagship manufacturing research facility starts on site

A ground-breaking ceremony on Thursday 10 November marked the start of work to build a pioneering Advanced Manufacturing Building for the University of Nottingham that will help to shape the future of the UK manufacturing sector.

University helps China train the next generation of filmmakers

A pilot programme has been launched by the University of Nottingham to help Chinese universities improve the quality of the training they provide to film industry students.

Lovers or fighters – species of giant cockroaches employ different strategies in the mating game

New research suggests that even in the insect world, males must adopt different strategies to win females, depending on their particular physical prowess.

Search is over for a mate for Jeremy the 'lefty' snail

A nationwide search to find a mate for a 'one in a million' rare mutant garden snail has been successful.

New evidence that coral reefs can survive in the face of adversity

A new study of the health of highly impacted coral reefs off Singapore over a 27-year period has shown they are more resilient to the effects of human activity and sea warming than previously thought.

Energy storage project to help Nottingham homes be less reliant on grid

A new project, led by The University of Nottingham, to install ground-breaking solar energy storage technology in The Meadows area of the city has just been given the green light.

Brain 'fat' key to mental health

Scientists discover a previously unknown relationship between brain structure and brain function.

MRI study shows how reducing carb intake can improve pain and bloating in people with IBS

A new study using MRI to investigate the effects of carbohydrates in the diet on symptoms of patients with irritable bowel syndrome has found they are more sensitive to gas in their bowel.

Scans locate historic secret room in walls of Gunpowder plot house

A 17th century hiding hole used by catholic priests has been discovered inside a key building in the gunpowder plot of 1605.

University wins award for China-UK partnership

The University of Nottingham was awarded a prestigious British Business Award at a ceremony which took place in Shanghai yesterday evening.

Evolution of ebola virus resulted in increased human infectivity

An international study involving University of Nottingham researchers published in the journal Cell, has shown that during the recent West African ebola virus outbreak the virus was evolving and becoming better adapted to infecting human cells.

From the rainforest to the coral reef - new UK course offers hands on experience of tropical ecology

Students are being offered the chance to explore tropical Southeast Asian ecosystems at first hand, thanks to a unique new degree course being offered by a UK university.

Free online course tackles the issues behind antimicrobial resistance in the food chain

A new free online course is being launched by The University of Nottingham aimed at increasing awareness of the issues around the global concern of antimicrobial resistance.
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