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Sustainability Green Gown win for Nottingham pharmacy technician

A technician from the University of Nottingham has been recognised for his commitment to sustainability by being awarded a prestigious Green Gown Award.

First direct access to the human auditory nerve could offer new hope for individuals with the most common form of deafness

The first access route to the complex nerve structures of the human inner ear has been developed by Nottingham scientists as part of an international collaboration including scientists from elsewhere in the UK, Sweden and Canada.

£1m project to develop world’s first biodiversity credit standards

A research team at the University of Nottingham are set to work on a £1 million project to inform the development of the world’s first biodiversity credit standards, to help businesses and governments to quantify their impacts on the natural world.

Hormone discovery could predict long term health of men

Researchers have discovered the vital role of a hormone, that develops in men during puberty, in providing an early prediction of whether they could develop certain diseases in later life.

Tackling global challenges together: The new collaborations building on life-changing Nottingham-Indonesia links

As global leaders head to Indonesia for the G20 Summit in November, the University of Nottingham is set to meet Indonesian Government officials in Jakarta to launch a series of new research, innovation and teaching collaborations.

Wood burner users needed to take part in new ‘pollution alert’ study

People who use wood-burning stoves are needed to take part in the UK’s first study to understand how an air quality alert system could help reduce the health risks posed by wood smoke around their homes and in their communities.

Lianas more likely to infest smaller trees in Southeast Asian forests, transforming knowledge in understudied area

Woody climbing plants, known as lianas, are more likely to infest smaller trees in Malaysian forests and therefore stop them growing to their full potential, which may have implications for climate change. This is according to new research by experts at the University of Nottingham carried out in Danum Valley in Malaysia, published today in the Journal of Ecology.

A major clinical trial shows how to reduce the risk of stomach bleeding occasionally caused by regular aspirin use

A new study, led by experts at the University of Nottingham found that the risk of stomach bleeding caused by using aspirin long-term, can be reduced with a short course of antibiotics, potentially improving the safety of aspirin when used to prevent heart attacks, strokes and possibly some cancers.

Major decline in Irish-born people in England and Wales, latest Census figures reveal

Analysis of the 2021 Census data has found a significant decline in the presence of Irish-born people in England and Wales.

Nottingham’s universities launch ambitious researcher training project to solve local community challenges

Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham are joining together in an ambitious project bringing together researchers, community-focused organisations and citizens.

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