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Discovery of novel gene to aid breeding of climate resilient crops

Researchers have revealed for the first time how a key gene in plants allows them to use their energy more efficiently, enabling them to grow more roots and capture more water and nutrients.

New research paves the way for next generation 6G wireless networks with improved signal stability

New research has shown wave control is promising technology that could pave the way for future wireless networks that can withstand increasing demand.

Clinical trial shows wrist device significantly reduces tics in Tourette syndrome

The results of the clinical trial of a new wrist device designed to help control the symptoms of Tourette syndrome have shown it significantly reduces the severity and frequency of tics.

Brain tumour discovery paves way for new drug treatments

New research has shown that the blood vessels that feed aggressive brain tumours have receptors that could allow a new type of drug-containing nanoparticle to be used to starve the tumours of the energy they use to grow and spread, and also cause other disruptions to their adapted existence, even killing themselves.

Popular Nottingham Science festival makes its return to Wollaton Hall this month

A popular science festival featuring scientists from the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University (NTU) will make its return to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham for its 15th year.

From pollen to butterfly scales - opportunity to see the unseen in stunning detail

Have you ever wondered what pollen looks like? Or the scales on a butterfly’s wing? Scientists are giving people the chance to find out what objects that usually go unseen look like with a new ‘Under the Microscope’ initiative.

Out of this world salad created for astronauts

An international team of scientists have created a salad that contains ingredients that could be grown on space crafts and provide optimum nutrition for astronauts heading into deep space.

Films that watch you – interactive technology turns the viewing experience on its head

An interactive film that uses face recognition technology to assess the mood of the audience and change the narrative to show what they respond to is being premiered at an event at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham on 24 February.

£1.7m funding for wearable brain imaging system brings it closer to patient use

Wearable brain imaging technology, that can provide accurate measures of brain function in freely moving patients, has been awarded £1.7m to take it closer to approval for use in hospitals.

Fibre discovery could shape better gut health

Changing the structure of a dietary fibre commonly found in a range of food products has been found to promote healthy gut bacteria and reduce gas formation, a finding that could help people with intolerances to fibre and irritable bowel conditions.

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