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University’s largest ever funding award for UK’s most powerful MRI scanner

£29 million national scanning facility will help the UK lead the world in ultra-high field imaging to transform understanding of the brain and treatment of disease

Innovative architectural visions on display at student showcase

A new adult education centre and pavilion space that aims to transform the entrance to The Meadows estate in Nottingham is among hundreds of innovative architectural creations that will go on display to the public this week.

Leading eye expert receives Lifetime Achievement Award

A leading eye expert from the University of Nottingham has received a Lifetime Achievement Award in the NHS Regional Parliamentary Awards.

New study will look at whether electrical stimulation can treat swallowing problems caused by strokes

A ground-breaking new study, led by experts from the University of Nottingham, will look at whether Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation (PES) can help people to recover the ability to swallow again following a stroke.

Leicester garment workers inform action plan to improve their lives

A study into the lives and working conditions of Leicester garment workers has identified nine key areas that the sector can improve upon.

Traditional native Indian medicine is effective in treatment of type 2 diabetes, says new study

A new study, led by experts at the University of Nottingham, has found that several traditional medicines commonly used in South Asia, are effective in maintaining blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Carbon, cost and battery conditioning benefits calculated for vehicle-to-grid chargepoints

Vehicle-to-grid chargepoints can improve battery life in electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions and costs of charging, a government-funded project has found.

Scientists use technology to look at the personalities and predictability of farmed calves

Using state of the art sensor technologies, experts at the University of Nottingham have found that calves reared on farms not only vary significantly in their movement and space patterns, but also that some calves are more predictable in their behaviour compared to others.

Changing attitudes to alcohol explored in new Nottingham exhibition

A new exhibition exploring the history and place of alcohol in the East Midlands is opening at Lakeside Arts next week.

Colossal collisions linked to solar system science

A new study shows a deep connection between some of the largest, most energetic events in the universe and much smaller, weaker ones powered by our own Sun.

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