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Garment workers in Leicester needed for study into experiences in factories

Academics are seeking garment workers in Leicester to take part in a study to understand what can be done to improve their lives and working conditions.

Bulletproof fingerprint technology takes images in the round

Experts have developed a unique method for retrieving high resolution images of fingermarks from curved objects like bullet casings that offers greater detail and accuracy than traditional forensic methods.

The ethics of digital technology in the food sector – the future of data sharing

Imagine a world in which smart packaging for supermarket ready meals updates you in real-time to tell you about carbon footprints, gives live warnings on product recalls, and instant safety alerts because allergens were detected unexpectedly in the factory.

Philosophical ‘board game’ café to celebrate Being Human

University philosophers will be rolling the dice and shuffling the cards with board game enthusiasts in a unique event to explore how games can enrich our lives.

Major Covid-19 booster trial looks at how best to improve immunity against coronavirus in vulnerable people

A major clinical trial, led by experts at the University of Nottingham, will investigate whether some of the 1.3 million most vulnerable people on long-term immune suppressing medicines can mount a more robust immune response to Covid-19 booster jabs by interrupting their treatment for two weeks after vaccination.

Nottingham to host religion and the media summit

Faith leaders and media professionals are meeting in Nottingham next week to discuss the reporting of religious affairs and how to foster a better understanding of different faiths in the community.

New £350K project to help decarbonise homes in Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is to deliver a new project that will inform the retrofit of Nottingham’s existing housing stock to help reach its net zero emissions targets by 2028; and the UK’s by 2050.

Energy stored in electric car batteries could be used to power homes

A UK-wide innovation project is exploring how vehicle-to-grid charging technology could make money for electric car and van owners and contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy grid.

New doctoral training programme will train future healthcare professionals

Future healthcare professionals working in mental health and neurosciences will be trained on a new Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) thanks to a £7.24million award from Wellcome.

Nursing ‘Oscar’ for Nottingham research student

A Nottingham-born rising star of gastroenterology nursing has won a major national award from the Student Nursing Times.

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