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Visitors to COP26 can share experience with digital Gift

Visitors to COP26 are being given the unique opportunity to create and share personalised digital content from the summit to engage others in the climate conversation.

Local business leaders offered help to grow by Nottingham University Business School experts

Nottingham University Business School is offering local companies the chance to grow their business with a new course, 90% funded by the government.

Infection with Covid-19 carries a much higher risk of developing neurological complications than a vaccine, says new study

Covid-19 is more likely to cause very rare neurological events than vaccines, according to a new study involving experts from the University of Nottingham.

Food Innovation Centre helps food and drink businesses reduce fat in products

Experts at the Food Innovation Centre based at the University of Nottingham are helping food and drink manufacturers reduce fat in their products with a new factsheet.

Experts from the University of Nottingham to develop new treatments for cystic fibrosis infections

Experts from the University of Nottingham have joined a Strategic Research Centre as part of a new international collaboration led by Liverpool University to accelerate the development of much needed antibiotics for cystic fibrosis (CF) lung infections.

Landmark group B Strep testing trial in pregnant women begins

A major clinical trial has started which aims to improve the prevention of potentially life-threatening infection caused by group B Streptococcus in newborn babies in the UK.

University reinforces commitment to action on climate

The University of Nottingham has reinforced its dedication to tackling climate change ahead of COP26 with commitments to reduce emissions, improve environmental sustainability and support Nottingham’s aims to be a net zero carbon city.

New Galaxy images reveal a fitful start to the Universe

New images have revealed detailed clues about how the first stars and structures were formed in the Universe and suggest the formation of the Galaxy got off to a fitful start.

Tackling the ‘Moothane’ problem – cutting greenhouse gas from livestock

A new collaboration between scientists, engineers, industry and farming experts hopes to demonstrate how clever technology can reduce the powerful greenhouse gases released by livestock to help agriculture reach carbon emissions targets.

Scientists gain new understanding of how brain cells talk

Which could help in the treatment of mental health conditions and memory diseases
Experts from the University of Nottingham have discovered that reversing the modification of molecular messages at synapses in the human brain, may contribute to reversible mental health conditions such as anxiety, and memory diseases such as dementia.

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