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3,500 children taught in Nottingham student-built nurseries in South Africa

Aspiring architects at the University of Nottingham have arrived back from South Africa after building a brand-new nursery to serve young children in a rural village close to Hanertsburg.

Metals found in people’s urine could detect acute kidney injury in very early stages, says new study

Scientists have discovered that certain metals found in people’s urine, could be potentially useful clinical biomarkers for the early detection of acute kidney injury (AKI).

New book uses extraordinary numbers in physics to explain the mysteries of the universe

A Nottingham professor has turned his passion for physics and science communication into his first book, dedicated to a friend who inspired him.

Funding for project to fix the sustainable future of smart devices

Researchers at the University of Nottingham are part of a project awarded £1.2 million to understand how to create a more circular and equitable digital economy, underpinned by reuse and repair.

The right moisturiser for children with eczema is the one that they like to use, study finds

A major trial, which is the first in the world to directly compare different types of moisturisers to treat eczema, has found that no one type of moisturiser is better than another.

National Gallery artwork and innovative technology inspiring a more sustainable future

Families in Nottingham have helped to create an innovative installation that uses digital technology to upcycle elements selected from the National Gallery’s historic Collection to re-imagine a more sustainable future.

Nottingham scientists receive funding to help the transition to a low-carbon world

Experts from the University of Nottingham have received £2million in funding towards its testing facilities for electric machines, a huge step towards carbon neutrality and a big step towards tackling climate change.

Nottingham experts win prestigious award for putting patients at the heart of their research

Researchers from the Institute of Mental Health at the University of Nottingham have won a national award, recognising their work in involving participants in their research to improve care.

New report lays bare the exploitation in the UK fishing industry

UK immigration loopholes are allowing the fishing industry to exploit migrant fishers, leaving them open to deportation, through no fault of their own, and being paid well below the minimum wage, a new report by the Rights Lab has found.

Clinical trial launched for wearable device to control Tourette Syndrome

A wearable wrist device that delivers electrical pulses to reduce the amount and severity of tics experienced by individuals with Tourette Syndrome (TS) is being tested in a UK-wide clinical trial.
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