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Nottingham’s universities lead climate action discussion as part of Sustainability Action Week

Nottingham’s two universities are bringing together sustainability expertise from across Nottingham to run a week of events to raise awareness about environmental and social issues.

New research uncovers tactics used by County Lines drug networks during UK lockdowns

Experts have found that people involved in County Lines drug supply networks have been attempting to use disguises and adapting their tactics to evade detection by authorities during the UK’s national lockdowns.

Breakthrough in study of fish kidney disease related to climate change

New research could pave the way for the development of drugs and vaccines to treat a disease that is rapidly emerging in wild and farmed fish in the UK, Europe and North America, as a result of climate change.

UK and Indonesia unite to tackle challenges around delivering Covid-19 vaccines

An Anglo-Indonesian research consortium that unites the countries’ leading experts to tackle global challenges including pandemics, food security and climate change is to host the UK-Indonesia Interdisciplinary Sciences Forum to discuss effective strategies for Covid-19 vaccination programmes.

Rehabilitation could help people with Covid-19 recover, according to a new study

Progressive exercise and early mobilisation are among the elements of rehabilitation programmes that may improve recovery for people who are hospitalised with severe COVID-19, according to a new study.

Food Innovation Centre help make Bird Dust product fly

Entrepreneur Hamza Qureshi has developed a new range of signature seasonings to help consumers recreate the restaurant experience at home after his ‘dark kitchen’ business took a hit during the Covid pandemic lockdowns.

Quantum collaboration gives new gravity to the mysteries of the Universe

Scientists have used cutting-edge research in quantum computation and quantum technology to pioneer a radical new approach to determining how our Universe works at its most fundamental level.

First map of groundwater recharge in Africa will help sustain water supplies

Researchers have provided the first ever map of the rate groundwater reserves are being replenished across Africa based on ground measurements. This shows that groundwater is being replenished at rates that could help to protect and sustain water supplies against the effects of climate change.

Integrating maths and plant science to explain how plant roots generate a hormone gradient

The research team that developed a biosensor that first recorded that a distinct gradient of the plant growth hormone gibberellin correlated with plant cell size has now revealed how this distribution pattern is created in roots.

Homeless dog owners should not have to choose between their pets and housing, according to a new study

Homeless pet owners are having to choose between a roof over their heads and their animal, according to a new study led by experts from the University of Nottingham.

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