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UK Aid funding for Nottingham research to develop Zika virus vaccine

Scientists in Nottingham have been awarded £462,462 for the development of a vaccine for the Zika virus from £10m of UK Aid funding for research into vaccines to protect the world from deadly diseases.

Study spearheads the chemical fingerprint of Viking weapons

A new study examining the chemical make-up of iron artefacts from the Viking age aims to uncover new insights into where they came from that could reveal previously unknown information about historic events.

Unprecedented Australian bushfire intensity linked to British colonisation

British colonisation of Australia, together with the effects climate change, is likely to have contributed to the recent catastrophic wildfires in southeast Australia, a new study has found.

Study reveals high rate of possible undiagnosed autism in people who died by suicide

A new study has revealed that a significant number of people who died by suicide were likely autistic, but undiagnosed, highlighting the urgent need for earlier diagnosis and tailored support for suicide prevention.

Healing broken hearts top priority this Valentine’s Day for University of Nottingham researchers

The Biodiscovery Institute at the University of Nottingham and Animal Free Research UK have teamed up to develop cutting-edge human stem-cell technology to combat cardiac fibrosis - a major cause of heart failure in the UK affecting 900,000 people annually.

World-first: speed of sound used to measure elasticity of materials

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have devised a revolutionary new technique for measuring the microscopic elasticity of materials for the first time. Known as SRAS, the technology works by measuring the speed of sound across the material’s surface.

Future gravitational wave detector in space could uncover secrets of the Universe

New research has shown that future gravitational wave detections from space will be capable of finding new fundamental fields and potentially shed new light on unexplained aspects of the Universe.

Art installation project with National Gallery to highlight climate change

A new project partnering with the National Gallery will bring an exciting interactive art installation highlighting climate change issues to Lakeside Arts at the University of Nottingham.

City of Caves project to champion local history in Broadmarsh regeneration

Archaeologists and historians from the University of Nottingham have launched a new project to bring the city’s hidden history to life as part of the regeneration of the Broadmarsh area – currently one of the largest city centre redevelopment projects in Europe.

New strategic partnership will support post-Covid regeneration and the levelling up agenda across the East Midlands

A new strategic partnership between The University of Nottingham and the East Midlands Chamber is set to cement links between academics and businesses to support the post-Covid recovery of the region’s economy and the levelling up agenda.
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